Food and Family – Part 2

From those initial yoghurt disguising days we have made great progress in Baby G’s foodie journey. I was surprised how soon a baby’s appetite develops, as lunch was quickly joined by tea and it wasn’t long before she was on 3 meals a day. Within 3-4 weeks we had reduced breastfeeding to just morning and bedtime and her diet was more or less totally based on food.

Baby Weaning

My main concern was to keep her hydrated during the day as she still wasn’t a big fan of the cup and drinking so we had lots of food with disguised liquids like weetabix, ready brek, yoghurt, chunks of melon and steamed pear and apple.

As we introduced Baby G to a range of vegetables we soon found that any starchy ones like potato, carrot and swede caused her a few digestive issues! So we tried to balance out starchy days with ones filled with fruit and fibre.

It wasn’t long before we looked to increase the variety in her diet and added pasta, something she clearly enjoyed having the ability to feed herself with.

Baby eating pasta

Then came the challenge of adding meat to her diet. This actually proved less of a challenge than I feared as Baby G wolfed down the beef stew she was given and the chicken and vegetable dinner was soon devoured too. However fish has become a different story – we tried both salmon and white fish and both have not been accepted by her ladyship. Any ideas for fishy dishes for my little one?

We do have days where food can be an issue and she refuses dishes she has previously eaten, but I am not sure whether this is to do with teething, the cold and cough she has picked up or indeed the food. We just keep trying lots of different foods at various times but now find she is most happy when eating the same food as we eat and at the same time. So as we embark on a journey of creating dishes suitable for all of us as a family I hope to share with you some of our favourites.

Hasta la proxima / until next time

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