Project 366 – Day 1/366

I’ve been aware of 365 Project for a wee while now. For those who don’t know it’s a picture a day for a year of your life. This year with a leap involved I’m going to try and do a 366 Project. I kept thinking do I have time to photograph and blog each day – but with 3 blogs to look after I though what’s one more, right?!

I think the idea of taking a picture everyday is a fabulous way of recording your life in a snapshot, and with a desire to improve my photography skills it seems like a good way.

Not only that,  but when Baby G was first born I was very snap happy and have lots of photos of her early months, but with the return to work and trying to cram as much into the limited family time we have each day, the moments to photo become less and less.

This project is a way for me to ensure I don’t miss a moment of my beautiful baby’s girl life as she becomes more and more independent with each passing day.

It will also give me a chance to share some of my cooking and crafting creations, travels and anything else that might take my fancy!

Day One

Baby G out at lunch posing in Aunty Lisa’s hat!

6 thoughts on “Project 366 – Day 1/366

  1. I had a go at this project last year – I think I did it up until about May and then got a bit exhausted/exasperated with it. Good luck to you, though! And it is a fun project and makes you think creatively.

    I’m doing a book-reading project this year instead. But I think the trick is to enjoy these things and not beat yourself up about them.

    Anyway, that is a ridiculously cute picture of Baby G!

    • I did follow yours Charlene and loved how it makes you see things you look at day in day out in a different way. Here’s hoping I can keep it going to at least May! ;-)

      Definitely something to enjoy and not view as a chore!

  2. Good luck with it, great first photo. I made it to 10 months when I tried but got bogged down editing 1500 images I took in Italy and fed up of struggling to find something new to photograph on work days (it became a chore!).

    This year I’m going to try a project 52 (one photo a week). I’m also planning to try other photography prompt blog hops but p52 will be my main goal. I’ll be updating on my photography blog.

    • 10 months is a great achievement, especially with a wedding and all! I’m hoping the joy of photographing Grace’s development will keep me going. Project 52 sounds like a great idea and now I’ve found your photo blog will be sure to pop by.

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